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Become a Big Data Instructor

What do we offer?

Our greatest strength is our instructors. They are passionate about the subject they teach and they believe in the values of KnowBigData.

We offer the best compensation in the industry and an opportunity to work on consulting projects. Our long term objective is to build a great team of instructors so that we can work on research projects and contribute to open source products.

We respect our instructors' knowledge, time, and efforts. We leave it to the instructor to choose between remaining anonymous or announce their name on the course page.

Who can become an instructor - the qualifications?

1. Master of the subject

You should be master of the subject you plan to teach. You should know the inside out of the product.

2. Hands-on

We are only looking for instructors who have hands-on experience in their chosen subject.

3. Passionate about the subject

You should believe in the product you are training in. If you are delivering a training on MongoDB, you should love it.

4. No prior experience in training

We believe that a person with good knowledge of a subject with no prior training experience would be a better instructor than an experienced trainer who is less than thorough on the subject.

5. Open source contributors are welcome

Since most of our trainings are for open source products, we welcome people who are trying to teach a tool or technique for which they have been contributors in the open source world.

What is the process?

After you submit the form, your profile will be reviewed. If shortlisted, we will revert with further steps. Be prepared for a few intense technical rounds.